Do you

do you know what it feels like to compare your alcohol to love? the smell of alcohol on my breath is becoming a habit,running out of alcohol, and running out of time to tell you. before i met you, my world was alone and dark. Then you came, i could be miles away and feel home when im with you. i tasted your lips rather than the alcohol in my mothers cabbnit and i tasted lust rather than that cigarette. I heard your voice and I felt like dancing, I watched you leave and I felt like drinking. Things arent okay, You stare at me in the halls, but why? to be a buzzkill? I could be falling over drunk but when you come around i sober all up. You helped me put the bottle down, and thats what i thought love was. but no, love is not being able to deal with losing someone you go insane.. im insane.. and this bottle in my hand is dying for a drop of your name to come out and for me too swallow because i was inlove with you and you left me here drunk,in the dark dealing with sorrow.


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