You were the one since I saw you. I could never forget our first moments, and all the ones that followed. I would have and still would bring down the moon for you. I believed in what I felt, I believed there was a chance that you would feel the same. But one day, you decided it was over, like this never even existed.

You told me feelings go away after a while and you didn’t feel the same about me… But do you know how normal this is? Relationships takes efforts, you can’t just expect the butterflies to stay forever without helping them out a little. Problem is, you don’t know that. You don’t know how much it hurts to remember you telling me in bed the night before that you loved me so much, and the next morning your mind changes. You don’t know how much it hurts to have to put a smile on because tears won’t bring you back. You don’t know anything about how I really feel, but do you even care? You said you had to see what it was like with other girls, and meanwhile I’m here hoping you realize what you have given up on. There’s so much to say but so little words to express how demolished I am.

You will never find someone who would have given so much for you like I do.

I hope one day you see it.

I will wait, even though I shouldn’t.


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