It was meant to be us

It was meant to be us

It was meant to be us

I’m older now, and I know I’ll never get over you. I said I’d never move on ,and I won’t. I am happy for you, I always will be, but I’ll never forget how I screwed up by being complacent and letting my anxiety issues effect us. You were so, so supportive. You were The One, and I don’t care what people say about there being ‘loads of potential ones’ because I know how I feel, and so do you. You know what we shared, and I will never, ever feel the same as that again.

For 5 years you doted on me, you cared for me, and you wanted me to love you like how you loved me. And it was only when it was too late, when I realised I had lost you, that I finally sorted my entire life out. That is what it took. I will always regret it, and though when I continue on I’ll do as best as I can, I’ll always think of you. You were the The One, you always will be, and thats why I will always be heartbroken.

I love you so much, I just want you to be happy, and it was meant to be us, getting married, having kids, and growing old together. Our love was strong, and mine still is, I love you more than life, more than anything. I know its wrong, but thats how I feel, and I hope someday you get in touch, and tell me how much you love me and want to try again, because thats the you that I know most, and I am ready.

I love you, forever and always, in life and death. I love you.


  1. wondering 5 years ago

    ead – r?
    How much older were you when you posted this?

  2. Vanessa 2 years ago

    Dear A,
    I loved you yet I left you. You told me you loved me and you begged me to stay . It pained me to see you hurt, and more because I was the one that hurt you. You were always here for me when I need you and you made me happy in the darkest times. I just couldn’t be strong enough for the both of us. This distance between us was hurting me and I know it hurt you too. So I said let’s be friends for now till we can finally see each other on a daily basis. I know you still want me and I still want you. I want you to find someone for now that’s not me. Someone that will make you more happy than I ever will. I’m sorry .

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