Remembering you

Remembering you

Remembering you

You cried on the phone at night afraid that you will lose me.You cried after you came back from La Union. What really happened there? You didnt want to buy an ofw simcard when I was to go to Macau.You never made an effort to fetch me. Unlike before.When I returned from Macau. You were not excited to see me back. Scheduled to see me several days after. You’d rather be with your friends instead.

You learned how to drink beer because of her.You let her hang out with you and your band.You never wanted me to be with you when going to buy food for your fat rabbit. Detours near the area maybe.You stopped texting me during the day.You stopped calling me.You don’t want your friends to know me.You created your own world without me in it.You didn’t want me on your instagram.You never had plans on Valentines day.

You made me plan my birthday and every suggestion was rejected because you’d rather spend the time partying with your friends or playing with your band.You almost made me beg to make love to you on my birthday.You let her sleep on your bed.You let her play my guitar.You and her made a cover of a song and you made me listen to it.Your songs were about her. “Ang huling yakap ng mundo” and “i hate to see your heart break”You made me buy you flowers chocolates and cake. Only to notice my gifts a day after I made an effort to give it to you.

You made me think it was my fault that you’re about to lose your friends because she wanted to un friend you.You let her be close to you.You let her text you and chat you more  than me.You left me in the dark about what’s happening in your life.You made me believe that you and her were just friends.You made me beg for her forgiveness.You made me stoop so low and talk to her and convince her that I was wrong. When all a long my gut feel was right.You made me believe you needed space.You let me convince myself that I was choking the happiness out of you.

You made me hug you even if it was too late for me to realize that your tears were not for me anymore.You made me endure the pain of separation with the thought that we needed the time alone.You had a fight with me the day before my proposal defense.You led me on.You made me sing with you the day after you asked her to be your gf.You made me feel shit after.You acted like it was nothing.You let yourself believe that its okay to hurt me because I’ll get over you soon.ButYour memories still make me cry every night.Your face still haunts my dreams.Your music still stings my soul.You don’t know what you have done to me.You should have had the guts to tell me you fell out of love.You’re like your mother.You’re like your father.You still hurt me because what I felt for you was real.You broke me


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