Hey you. I’ve been thinking about you today. I still love you darling not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and how much I love you. Not talking to you kills me I worry about you if your safe and happy and it scares me That I’ll probably never know. I really miss you I miss everything I miss seeing you and my whole day lighting up I miss seeing you smile when you look at me I miss my phone buzzing and my heart skipping a beat.

I miss the i love yous and the knowing it’s all going to be okay I miss you every little thing about you I know you don’t like how you look but I love it so so much every little detail to me is beautiful and special. You are special and amazing and perfect you are perfect in every way. I’m still heart broken I still miss you people lie and say I’ll forget all about you but I can’ were a part of me and every day without you makes me really sad. I know us is a bit of effort but we were amazing I’m so devastated that you know I’m not worth the effort and that us isn’t worth fighting for. I hope you find someone one day who you decide is worth it bit I’m still always here day and night for anything no matter how big or small I love you broken body always and forever

With all my love

Still your eccentric genius


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