Dear …….
            It’s about to be almost a year you have walked out of my life. I still can’t believe that I’m not over you,it’s hard for me to even say that. I wish I could of told you so many things… I know you won’t read this but oh we’ll here it goes … I loved you unconditionally, I can’t believe I’m missing you but nothing is left between us anymore.

I know that you’re happy without me and I’m glad at some points because at least you moved on first then me, just like I said you would but you never believed me. i don’t know how you did it ..idk but it’s a good thing.T hanks for everything and putting up with my attitude. Thanks for being there and picking up, listening to me when I wouldn’t shut up, I won’t forget.
When I would put my head on your shoulder and you telling me that everything was going to be alright, You telling me every night that you loved me. Those are the times I can’t let go. I use to tell you all my secrets because I knew you will keep them, thank you because you helped me reach my dreams. I honestly wouldn’t trade my memories with you for anything. My bad for those long nights when you had to cry yourself to sleep trying to count in me and I didn’t listen.
I know that you hate to remember the past. I Know that we are not close anymore, I know I promised that I would be there for you, I know I wasn’t honest to you and I brought problems to your world.I need a lot of help with out you .but I prefer to be that loser that tried to give you everything and doesn’t end up with anything anymore.The thing that hurts me the most is you walking away like if it wasn’t anything that moment was hard for me to breath never thought a love like yours will leave me all alone.

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  1. love koh 8 years ago

    I was reading your letter and i know exactly what u feel bcoz i feel the same way almost same situation. . It reminds me of my ex bf too..

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