I’m soooooo sorry.

I’m soooooo sorry.

I’m soooooo sorry.

Dear Weston, even though I screwed up, big time, I miss you so much. I miss when we would hold hands as we walked to class, I miss hugging you, and I wish I had kissed you. I know we’re young, but I just want a second chance. You gave me everything, but I blew it off like there was no tomorrow.

I know my excuse was immature, and I should have thought better. I’m so sorry for letting a lifelong friend (not anymore, to my concern) get in the way. I want you back, and even though my friend decided to catfish you I want you to know how much I miss you. You’re probably never going to see this, but I still have feelings for you and I want you to know how strong, and how affective they really are.

I love you,



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