Lorna – Cali girl in Kentucky

Lorna – Cali girl in Kentucky

Lorna – Cali girl in Kentucky

Every other night it seems I dream of you.

The dream changes, but the theme remains quite static.

I let you go, pushed away, and yet it is I who is drifting as a cast away in the tumultuous sea that is the human experience.

Sometimes it is us on our best day, I cherish those dreams.

Mostly, it is me pursuing your heart and trying to find a way, any way, to patch the parts I had broken and sent you away.

Any part of your heart I chipped was accidental, every piece cracked is mirrored in my own.

I fear I cracked your heart to such a degree, that it has shattered my own as they were entwined, if but for too brief a time.

You found another so quick and so fast, my head still spins, and I can’t but think that it wasn’t meant to last.

One year it took for you to marry another.

Was marriage your only heart’s desire?

I’d have married you a thousand times over, but alas too late, the show is over.

Yet, I can’t help but wake, wounded and saddened by re-runs in my dreams and day dreams of what I should have done.

I believe you have found your bliss.

I wish it had been me whose kiss bestowed such gift, but I take small solace in the belief it exists.

I’ll love you forever.

My heart just doesn’t belong with any other.


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