The funny thing is I still want you back!

The funny thing is I still want you back!

The funny thing is I still want you back!

Dear N,

I guess u are doing well without me, I mean it seems like you moved on and that’s what’s hurting me most… I mean when I told you to move on,

I didn’t really wanna see you go.

I though maybe you would fight for me,

like you had before.

but you didn’t.

you said okay. and let me go.

I though at least we would be friends.

now every time I see you,

we just walk past each other,

like we don’t even know each other.

when we both know it wasn’t supposed to end like this…

I miss u lot even if this feeling is fading away everyday. I miss being with u, I miss the stupid jokes and the crazy laughs… I miss u holding my hand in the street and kissing me in front of our friends… and and just want to tell u that maybe I do understand that it’s maybe my fault…  because i was pushing u away sometimes but u know why? because I was afraid of getting my heart broken and that’s what happened. I really wish that u are missing me the same way I do… and I really wish that we could go back to being friends because u’r the only one capable of making me laugh so easily… I’m sorry it didn’t work between us.

yours A


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