The first cut is the deepest.

The first cut is the deepest.

The first cut is the deepest.

I can still see u there..the first day that we met and the sparks blew instantly. You were drunk, for the first time n i hope that it was the last time! We were perfect from the start..late night talks, first hug, first kiss..perfect and kinda epic as it wasn’t even a month n we reached so far. You were never able to look into my i know why was it so. Because u’re a liar..u were dating kannu in the start, you promised me u won’t move too fast, u promised me to wait, u promised me u’ll never leave me, u promised me that I’ll be the first one to know if u ever start dating someone..all promises BROKEN. u fibber!

Your eyes, deeper than an ocean..i wish i could look into them again and tell you how much i miss much i loved you n still do n will always do! Time moved too fast with you..i want to replay and relive every moment, every second i spent with you.

Even if u’re not here..u’re still here. i can hear it in the silence. i can see it with the lights out, i can feel it on the way home. Every single thing reminds me of u. I loved you with all of my heart. i can still smell that deo of urs *jacket* :’)

Asking around about u is the worst habit I have ’cause all it does is multiplies the anguish and sorrow.

You breaked into my life, and then broke out. ’cause of this i broke down, you bought me down.

Just give me a reason that why did u leave me? what did I do?

And i still hang in the hope that one day, just maybe u discern the mistake you’ve made and what have you lost! and that day u’re gonna wail and look down upon urself.

But now u’ll never be able to make it upto me. U never loved me so it would have been so much easy for u to get over me. But now even after making ur choice, Even after picking anusha over me..why were u irate to know that i have a bf. Why do u bother about someone you left? Why do u care about the person whose heart you tore into a million pieces? Why didn’t you care about that person before doing all this?

You let me down cookie. why are u so cold and heartless?

Barring all this I still love you. ’cause I’m a total jerk but u were the best nightmare i could’ve ever seen and felt. But i promise u one thing..I’ll die but I will never exonerate you and I’ll always love you.

Still heartbroken </3

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  1. nish 6 years ago

    1 day..some1 better is going to come n take his place..

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