If only you could understand my pain.

If only you could understand my pain.

If only you could understand my pain.

LTME postI can’t even begin to explain the way my heart broke when I looked at you and realized I don’t make you laugh anymore. Your silence at dinner reminded me that I had lost you. When I asked if you still loved me the same, and got the answer I did, I shattered. I broke. I cried. How can you stop loving somebody who gave you everything? I tried so hard to get you back, even though we were still together. The person you were to me at the end of our relationship was someone I had never met before. I loved you unconditionally. I did everything for you. I held you when you cried, took care of you when you were sick, and was there for you when nobody else was. It was great, and all of the sudden you stopped trying – stopped loving. I know I can’t even get mad at you. How can I get mad at somebody who just doesn’t love me anymore? It is not your fault. But what is your fault is staying with me even though you knew you didn’t love me. Had I not asked you the question, we would still be together. I know in the end I will be okay, but the pain I am feeling now is unbearable. I do not wish this pain upon anybody.


  1. Letter To My Ex 9 years ago

    This letter breaks my heart. I hope you’re doing okay, MS. Hugs, Rachel

  2. x 9 years ago

    don’t you think maybe u did something make him became like that ? don’t u think he still love u but something happened from u make him go away even when he is beside u , please try to find what u did and make him broken in silence.

  3. Al 9 years ago

    This his pretty much exactly what I would like to tell my ex, even though we haven’t talked since the break up. Especially the part about understanding that you can’t be mad at someone for not loving you anymore, that’s just life – no matter how hard it is to accept, especially if it ends up so abruptly – but still, it doesn’t mean that they’re allowed to treat you like you’re nothing. Not sure if the issue is love or pride, at this point… Regardless, it sucks, but it’s also important to see that it doesn’t undermine the whole relationship (well, at least I hope I did mean something to him at some point), and also that it gets better. Hang in there!

  4. Shelly 9 years ago

    wow this is exactly how I feel about my ex 🙁

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