Get a wardrobe makeover and grow some hair

Get a wardrobe makeover and grow some hair

Get a wardrobe makeover and grow some hair

LTME postEvans,

I’m absolutely mad at you now! I came by your house n tried talking to you but you didn’t listen. There’s no way on earth I’m coming there again (especially since there’s nothing in it for me). You keep your crappy attitude to yourself and this is just a little reminder🙏🙏 (namastey)…I can always get someone better than how you treat me. And I’m sure the benefits of moving on will be great too!

Just understand this… I wouldn’t come to your place again unless I ran out of all the other guys in the world whom I’d rather fuck and have a great time with…in which case, I’m betting you would be my back-up option/last resort! Even then, they were just bad quality romps as you could barely get your act together. You were neither skilled in bed or good enough to have stimulating conversations with. What aggravated the situation was that each time I attempted to talk to you, you ended up boring me. We fought all the time when we didn’t have to study.

According to me, you’re just a very boring, un-creative guy who goes to sleep at sharp 10:30pm and wakes up by 7:30am each morning. Forget having a life or a girlfriend, you just don’t know how to have fun! I could’ve shown you a few things in order to get you started but you disappointed me. Oh yeah, you need a wardrobe makeover! Grow some hair please and you can go fuck yourself!

If I would’ve moved in with you the first chance I got (LOL), I’d have died after a few days coz’ living in with you would’ve killed my spirit. I like guys with substance, character (someone who would know his own value and what my being with him means, he’d know what gets me ticking and he’d also know how to control me) and a strong sense of integrity, which you obviously don’t have. You were with other girls even during the period we we together. We used to have sex and it never even occurred to you that any woman (in her right mind who has a lot to give) would never entertain a guy who did things that offended her. I guess it still escapes your conscience (if you ever had one) coz’ I was too good for you and the whores you’ve been with. I would’ve dumped you badly then and I still would and for the same reason.

Trust me, I’m not even going to think twice about you now. I’ll get better guys. Plus, I’d rather be alone than worry about you. I’ve tried enough and I don’t want to be stuck with your crap treatment of me. I’m deleting + blocking your number, email ID and getting over this for good.

Better luck next time!



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