This Is My Goodbye

This Is My Goodbye

This Is My Goodbye

LTME postThis is my goodbye. For so long now, I have been holding this grudge against you. I think on some level, I was hoping that hating you would make me stop loving you.

I can’t ignore my part in all of this. At the end of the day, it was me who called it quits. The news of your ex being pregnant shocked us both. I wanted oh so much to be there for you and support you. It’s a shame you felt like you had to choose between us. Ultimately, it was that which tore us apart. I didn’t want there to be a choice. I wanted it to just be you and I. Almost over night, your things were packed up and you were back in Georgia with the future mother of your child. And I? I let you go.

Just when I began to forgive myself and put you in my past, we both made the trip back to North Carolina to welcome home a friend. We spent hours upon hours talking about the days we were happiest; the days we were together. It was almost like nothing had changed. This is when you made your big mistake. You told me you wanted me back. Just like that, it was 0 to 112. We only had the week together before returning to our lives in separate states. It was the best week of my life. Then, three days home, and no word from you. Turns out, you wanted to keep your options open. I wasn’t one of those options.

Do you know how long it took me to realize I hadn’t made the mistake? You chose her. You used me. You made the biggest mistake. And I hope You never forget me. I don’t mean the love, the memories, or any of the meaningless crap you pretended to care about. You can trash it all. The part I don’t want you to forget is what a lousy human being you were to me. I hope that I was the last mistake you make. I hope that the next girl to fall for your charm is the girl you commit to. I hope she is all you need, and I hope you never let her go. Treat her with all the respect and dignity you never gave me. She’ll need it.

This is my goodbye. I can no longer hate you. I loved you yesterday, and I’ll miss you for the rest of my days, but moving on is something that my heart has needed for quite some time now. After everything you’ve taken from me, I hope this is the one wish you can grant.

No Longer Your’s!


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