When one door closes

When one door closes

When one door closes

LTME postDear L,
I am not sure how to even start this letter but I hope I find what I am seeking in doing so. After almost seven years of friendship and an amazing (almost year) of being what we were, I am left cold hearted and broken. You showed me love, in ways I did not see coming, not that they were not possible, but it surpassed my ideas and limits to which I thought we wouldn’t cross. You asked me to be yours and I whole heartedly was ready and willing to do just that; only to be left alone, hurt, and no longer yours.

I didn’t ask for any of this and in my mind it’s everything I wished to avoid. Hurt isn’t something I thought you’d ever do, hidden agendas are not what I forsaw, and not having you around is not something I wanted. But now this is our reality, and if it’s the last our that we share, I must leave you with this.

Don’t come looking for me again. Close your door as I shut mine, and never knock again. I have shut it for the last time.


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  1. Laura 3 years ago

    Woah. This was so close to sounding like my ex. We weren’t friends for seven years though, so whew. His name also starts with J, though the S could’ve stood for his nickname.

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