A simple conversation is all I want

A simple conversation is all I want

A simple conversation is all I want

LTME postI just want to know that you don’t hate me. I’m sorry about everything, and want to tell you in person. I so wish you’d agree to meet and talk about everything. I don’t hate you. And I really hope you don’t hate me. I’d do almost anything to get to see you again just one last time, J. I’d do what you asked back in December before we met the day after Christmas all over again, only better this time around. I don’t want back our twisted, crazy, sick, messed up, on again/off again relationship. I miss the good but the bad stuff needs to stay gone. I want a fresh start. I want to finish the last six months of 2015 on a good note with one another. The first six months did not go well and it’s mostly my fault. And I am sorry. I want to tell you how sorry I am in person. I know you don’t believe me anymore. That’s why I want to tell you in person, so you can actually see and hear the sincerity of how sorry I am, J. All I want right now, more than anything, is a simple conversation, with you J.


  1. **** 6 years ago

    If I was the J this was meant for, then I too would like a simple conversation.

    • L 6 years ago

      You aren’t really him though, are you?

  2. L 6 years ago

    Doubt you’re the J I wrote this to – Joseph. Would be very surprised if you were him.

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