Never together.

Never together.

Never together.

LTME postThree years ago you told me we would be happy. That we’d have everything in the palm of our hands. I wanted you so badly that I cried every night before going to sleep. Thinking how we’d have everything we ever wanted… or at least what I wanted…. We were never together but you told me how much you wanted to be with me how much you wanted so badly for us to be more than friends… I was the stupid one to fall into your trap to feel like you were all I would ever want or even need. Sometimes I think you took me for a fool, sometimes I still think about how you are with them other girls you talk to. If they went through the hell i did….Though I don’t hate you I don’t love you either….I can’t even trust myself with love anymore… At times I still find myself after three years of the promises i find myself crying over you…

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  1. Dave 5 years ago

    … Is that you Jenn?

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