I’m kind of speechless

I’m kind of speechless

I’m kind of speechless

LTME postI’ve always wanted you and when we did have each other, you decided to walk away.

I’ve realized a lot lately. My head went back all the way down to 2012-2013. Every moment we spent was wrong and today I’m sure my feelings headed me in the wrong direction. My heart always gets me in trouble. Now I understand why the heart on the left side because it isn’t always right. I’m not hurt, I’m just disappointed for getting myself into this rut. I’ve always been better than this. Everything you did was because of your own selfish reasons, but the good news is I never let you break me. I’ve improved a lot since then.

I just wanted to inform you that I’ve moved on. I’m doing great and you have the right to know since you made me strong woman. I would like to thank you for it.



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