LTME-postDear Brandon,
You confuse me more than anyone else in this world, but you are also my biggest inspiration. You have helped me through almost everything in my life. The ups and the downs and even the in-between. In our relationship, we had some very bad moments. In these moments, we were very upset with each other to the point we couldn’t fathom talking to one another. While you have taught me a lot, I know I’ve taught you a fair share of lessons too. We’ve taught each other about heartbreak and how it feels to need one another. We’ve taught each other that words are very hurtful and some things are not supposed to be said. I’ve learned from you that you are still a boy and won’t turn into a man for a long time. You can’t see how much you truly mean to me and that is the biggest problem. You take me for granted and think I will always be there with open arms for you to run back to. If you end up wanting to come back again I can’t do it again. I need to let you go because I don’t think you have what it takes to love me. I think you tried, but you don’t have the commitment to settle. I ask myself why I am unable to change you into someone who loves me. I even pin it on myself as if your commitment issues are my fault. But in all honesty, you’ve never felt the true longing to be with anyone. Even as young as I am, I have felt it. I want you to be the person I wake up to in the future. Yes, I may have started talking about it too soon and scared you. But the fact of the matter is, what we had was good for the most part. We fought and made up, left a lot of things unresolved, but all those things could and have been worked on. You say the things you ask for are reasonable, but in reality, I am the only girl that would put up with that put shit. You lied to me, I’m not sure for how long, but you did. You spent a day with me telling me you loved me and being affectionate with me and that same day you broke up with me. You said you had been thinking about it and that you wanted to focus on you and your career. Honestly, I think I built your confidence up so much that you thought you could do better. So in a way that was my fault, but I was doing my duty as a girlfriend, right? I keep wanting you to say you made a mistake and that you want me back, but deep down I know I deserve better than this. I can’t keep being your little puppet. I ruined my chances with someone who was way better for me, all because you decided you didn’t like seeing me happy with someone else. You were the home wrecker and I should have taken that as a warning sign. It seems like you do this often, in all the 5 times we broke up and I had started talking to someone new. I can’t be a yo-yo anymore. I can’t be friends with someone I love. I can’t be a 2nd choice. If you love me like you said you did in the beginning, prove it. If not, just let me go because we both know I’m not strong enough to do it on my own.
Sincerely, Taunie


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