Through Wind Of Time

Through Wind Of Time

Through Wind Of Time

LTME-postRemember the time how we told each other we’ll never leave one another?Through the thickness of our problems to the thinnest part of our worries, a glimpse of your company eases the blurred vision I once had sought for the world. Went by the quote of ”you and me against the world”
Now that the world has me,
And you happen to be in a world of someone else’s,
I just want to let you know that it’s okay.
I’ve accepted the fact we are no longer the people we once were.
Change is inevitable.
The hand I once held, the lips I once kissed, the laugh I once shared with – all in the hands of someone else.
Whoever it may be, I hope you are content and happy.
I beg of you to never give up on your dreams.
Though times life give the most difficult challenges,
I know you will persevere.
I hope one day we can put the past behind us and able sit down and conversate about our young hystorical time; I hope we can look back and just be able to laugh at how naive we once were.
Despite how we no longer speak nor see one another, know that I still got you.
A promise is a promise.

Ps – Thank you…for everything. I gave it all, and in the end, I’ve lost nothing.


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