You won’t get a second chance with me

You won’t get a second chance with me

You won’t get a second chance with me

LTME postJustin,

I am so sad, the last week has been awful. I don’t know why you would go back to her after she hurt you like that. I thought what we had was good, obviously not that good after all.

You shouldn’t have told me you loved me or made all those empty promises. It hurts so much knowing all your talk meant nothing.

It took me 7 years to open my heart to someone after not trusting anyone for a long time. I hate that she called and you came running back to her after we had found something special together. Now she sends me so many abusive awful emails… I have to block you out of my life. It all just hurts too much right now.

I will pick myself up and carry on, you won’t get a second chance with me. I value myself to much to be dicked around by any man.

When I have to see you at work I will pretend I don’t know you, it will be easier that way.



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