I’m done missing you.

I’m done missing you.

I’m done missing you.

LTME postDearest Jo,

I have looked for so many ways to tell you that I’ve missed you over these last few months. I’m stopping that today, if you ever wonder why maybe, By the grace of god you’ll find this letter. This last note of my sincerest apologies, the ending of a 4-year-long emotional roller coaster. You held on for dear life, you screamed, begged, laughed, & cried through our wildest ride. Only to have the girl you love(Maybe Loved) wreck the whole damn thing, I will not apologize ever again to you, i will not feel responsible for the damage your parents did to you, I will not look for you in the school hallways or cafeteria, and lastly i will try to forget the way you calmed my crazy. I have been looking you know, for that guy who’ll be super hot and ill throw him in your face and make you see i’m alright, but i know you’ll see right through me.

If you ever wonder why i ended it so many times, here’s why: I was just a girl, afraid of spring, you were just a boy who loved winter too much.You loved the cold bitter wind that blew through you, the kind that reminded you of past lovers who ripped you up beyond repair. I was just the girl, who wanted a summer boy to warm up her bones and unfreeze her numb muscles. I even told you this and you sunk your teeth deeper into me so i wouldn’t leave. cause everyone leaves right? That was your pity party of a story, that everyone leaves you and you don’t know why. I get it fully, completely, i understand you and i only stayed around to figure out your puzzle. Well, i figured you out, babe.

Thnx for the mmrs…(even though they weren’t so great.)



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