Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror

LTME postI’m glad you’re okay, J. I didn’t realize I missed hearing your voice so much until you called. I went to the beach with a dear friend recently who asked if I regretted ever being with you, meeting you, after all our conflicts. I told her no. I truly don’t regret the time we shared.

I’m glad I met you. I’m glad we got to meet and that we got to be together.You taught me a lot of things I’ll never forget, and I lost a great, intelligent, sincere man who really loved me. You taught me how to drive. To be patient. To defend myself. To stick up for myself. To be more social. To be brave. To be strong. To try new things. To challenge myself. Most of all, you taught me how to love someone. To love others, and to love myself. That to truly love others means to love oneself first. We have both lost friends in this journey to discover what love is, in learning to love oneself and to love others. I suppose that means a part of loving oneself, in learning to love oneself, means learning and discovering who ones real, true friends are.

I still find moments of wondering if you ever peek at my Instagram, or read the private journal on tumblr. I wonder if you ever consider calling and just chatting about nothing. I hope you do, and that we will see each other again someday to catch up on life. We may or may not be each others “soulmates,” but you will always hold a special place in my heart, J, no matter what happens or where life takes us in the future. Never be afraid to call for any reason, okay?


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