Finally over you

Finally over you

Finally over you

LTME postDear _____,

Hi! How are you? How’s your life? …There’s so many things I don’t know about you anymore. You have become a stranger to me. You. The boy I used to know probably better than myself. That’s so strange.

Can you believe we haven’t been in each others lives for over half a year now?! That’s pretty crazy for us! The past SIX YEARS we’ve been back and forth, again and again, always finding our way back into each others lives… Until now! Here we are, 7 months and no contact.

I can’t really say I’m sad. I know we weren’t right for each other(though then, I was sure we were meant to be), and I’m not mad either. It was no ones fault, some things just aren’t meant to last. It’s really kinda Bitter-Sweet.

I finally did what I’d been trying to do for 6 years, and let you go. And it’s an amazing feeling to be over you. My life has gotten so much less complicated and stressful these past 7 months, I’ve earned so much self respect, and realized what I do and don’t want in my next relationship. Losing you made me a better version of myself. -That’s the sweet part.

The Bitter part is, I can tell you’ve changed too… I know nothing about you anymore, and I’m coming to accept that, but it’s still a pretty hard pill to swallow. We’re both going to keep changing, and pretty soon the boy I was so intensely in love with will only exist in my memories.

But I want to thank him for everything he’s taught me over the past 6 years, and especially THANKYOU for letting me go. I’ll always love and care for you for who you were and what you meant to me back then. Good luck with the rest of your life, I want nothing but happiness for you.


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