The love of my life…

The love of my life…

The love of my life…

LTME postJay,
I love you so much and I’ll never stop. Even after what you did to me, I won’t stop. It hurts me so much to know that you are with her after she’s cheated on you and hit you. I’m sorry for not being like her. But I don’t ever regret anything that happened. After you got me pregnant and made me get an abortion I realized you were just using me. Taking my virginity and leaving. Now that hurt the worst but it’s whatever. You don’t seem to care so why should I. Tonight’s the night I’m taking my life so you won’t ever have to worry about me again . And don’t try to stop me. I’m sorry for ever listening to you. It was the stupidest choice I’ve made. I’ll love you no matter what.

Forever and always,


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