Do you remember what today is?

Do you remember what today is?

Do you remember what today is?

Dear ex,
Do you remember what day is today? Did you check your calendar, I highly doubt that you would have marked this day as you did 2 years ago? 
Today is the day when we finally started to go out. We started to date officially and the time we spent together is the most memorable to you. I hope it also memorable to you too. I don’t why but I feel like talking with you, seeing you and relive the time we spent together, I really regret our last days, I am sorry I should have treated you better.
To be honest, you are the best thing that has happened to me. losing you is the worst thing that has happened to me. 

Sometimes when I ran accidentally run into you in the streets, I hide myself or run the other way. I don’t have courage to face you. I am sorry that I didn’t cherish you but to be honest I was working hard so that I could take you on expensive dates and some good places but I realize that all you needed time to spend together sorry that I couldn’t give it you. I am sorry that I kept you waiting on our dates and cancelled our plans at movement. But thank you for keeping it all together for so long and understanding me and short comings.
I understand your reasons you left me I don’t blame you but myself. Even if I’m in your position I would have done the same. 
I really hope that you are doing well in your life now and extremely enjoying it. May the GOD bless you with all the fortunes in the world.
You know who


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