A letter to Cameron.

A letter to Cameron.

A letter to Cameron.

LTME postIt’s been a while since we were together and I still get emotional. At first I thought having these emotions was wrong but now I see a silver lining in them. It shows me that I am fully capable to give and receive love. I am fully capable to just feel. This is a letter to just say thank you. You met me at such a young but critical age. You hands down gave me 2 of the most quality years of my life. Our love was sweet. You showed me things about myself and the world that I had never allowed my mind to open up to. You show me how it feels to feel like the most beautiful and important girl in the world. You showed me what I deserve and I will not settle for anything less than that. There is a particular time that sticks out in my mind and I don’t think I have ever felt so beautiful in my life. We were at the rave at the music hall a few months before you left for Your 3 month trip without me. All of me- John legend played and you were behind me whispering the lyrics into my ear as if you made the song for me. In my 20 years I have never felt that beautiful. I want to show you the impact you have had on just one person throughout your life. You are such a genuine beautiful souled person. I know this because although we aren’t together anymore, you continue to build me up. That’s what makes you a man. The great things about you do not go un noticed. I don’t know if it is because you were a “first love” experience for me. But there is something about your soul that drives me and others toward you. Of course us not being together is the right thing for right now, but you are truly a loss. Anyone would be lucky to be loved by you. I will always admire you and be so grateful for the way you changed my life and perspective! I now smile (not get upset!!) when I think about you because you remind me of just a big ball of sunshine. You are truly an amazing man and you can thank your dad for that. Never change Cammy!


  1. Georgina 8 years ago

    This is sick! You are delusional and in denial

  2. yvonne 8 years ago

    Wow that was beautiful …beautifully written , sincere emotion, no bitterness just love. That is what love is….I envy you in a good way, love doesn’t always with us but love always stays within us…plenty more to come dear. God bless.

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