It was for the best

It was for the best

It was for the best

LTME postMy love,

If I am honest, completely, utterly honest I know it was my fault that we didn’t work out. And it hurts so much to say this. I always wanted to be ‘the one’ for you and I wish I could have been. But the girl you fell in love with all those years ago, she grew up – and I’m sorry that she did.

I wish I could still be that party girl who you used to love. I wish I still wanted to go out every other night. But thats not me anymore, and I guess I just got tired pretending. I tried holding on so hard – oh so hard to every promise we made. How we would grow old together. How we woild have endless weekends together. I really tried, I promise.

I miss being in your life. I miss being referred to as your girl. I miss kissing you and holding your hand. I miss falling asleep in your arms.

But I don’t miss the constant fighting. My need to always be right, to always have the last say and to always get my way. Not seeing how it was just depressing you and me. I wanted you to be who I needed and thats not who you are. And the saddest part is it is no ones fault – it is just the way it is. I think I always knew (deep down) we wouldn’t last, we grew up so fast and sadly we grew apart.

My heart will always have a piece reserved just for you. But we are not right for eachother. We are like anchors pulling one another down. So even though I wish it wasn’t true I am better and so are you when one and one does not equal two.

I know you’ll find the perfect girl who treats you the way you deserve. I know she’ll love the same things you do and that the two of you will make many memories together.

Baby, it kills me to face the truth. It kills me to know these past 7 months you have been making memories that don’t include me. And even more than that I know the girl of your dreams is going to come along and never again will you think of me. The thought of your memories not including me, it destroys me but I know this is the way it should be.

But my angel, I’ll always hope and wish and dream there was a different way all of this could be

All my love


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