Liar, liar

LTME postTo the two-faced liar that I wasted 9 months on:

When I first met you, I thought you were the sweetest guy. You were funny, flirtatious, and kind and there was just something about you that drew me to you. I was over the moon when you asked me to be your girlfriend, then devastated when you broke it off 9 months later. Looking back now, I couldn’t be more grateful that it’s over. I was completely blinded by love to your many faults, including, but not limited too:

Being unable to handle money responsibly at the age of 23 Not having a job at the age of 23 Being completely incapable of taking care of yourself Sustaining such an unhealthy lifestyle that it’s amazing that you don’t have a chronic disease by now Flirting with everything that moved and had a pair of boobs Lacking any sort of tact Selfishness Soliciting pictures from women through an anonymous twitter account Putting me down Trying to control the things I wear/how I look Being a crybaby Just not knowing how to act like an adult in general Putting yourself above anything and anyone else Being unhealthily obsessed with sports

You took 9 months from me, giving me promise after promise that you never kept. I’m not in the least bit sorry that this ended, I’m just sorry that it took so long for me to wise up and know that I was wasting my time on such a sorry person as you. Screw you, hope your constant search for a new girlfriend leaves you empty and sad.


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