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LTME-postMy 747,
It hasn’t been too long since we broke up. Our relationship has really been a bumpy one, our relationship was challenged countless times and we broke up countless times and every time we still found a reason to come back to each other. But this time I know it’s different. This time it really feels different. On our previous break-ups I always get the feeling that our relationship will be fixed. But this time, I don’t have that feeling anymore. I’m completely lost. I’m completely in despair because I know this time I completely lost you. Lost the woman that I truly love, lost the woman that I want to spend my life with for the rest of my life, lost the woman that did nothing but love me unconditionally despite the all the pain that I caused her. I lost the woman that gave the most amazing efforts that any man could ever dream of but I was too blind and too dumb to appreciate it. Too dumb to realize what an amazing woman I had in my life. Most of the guys would even think how lucky I am to have you. I was too freakin’ dumb and childish to realize it all. Now, I know it’s already too late. Now I’m back to my pointless reality. Now I really know how hard it is to know that you lost someone very precious to you,. It’s even more painful to know that I lost her despite all the chances that she had given me, all the chances that she gave to redeem myself and prove myself worthy of her love. I just wasted it all. Now I’m here all alone regretting all the things that I have done and not doing all the things that I should have done for her, all the things that she deserved, all the things that might have prevented all of this. Now I’m here in this random website writing this letter, expressing myself and also giving an idea to others that our love ones will give us all the chance they can for us to change and appreciate them,and prove ourselves worthy of them, they’ll give all those chances because they also genuinely love us. But love can only go so far, there will come a time that they’ll have enough of our stupidity. There will come a time that they’ll realize they deserve better than how we treat them. There will come a time that they’ll say “I’m done. I ‘d had enough.” So whoever is reading this please, If you genuinely love your partner, show them that you care for them and you appreciate them. Never take them for granted. Never make the same mistake that I did. Don’t waste the chance that you’ll have, make them feel loved and make them feel how amazing they are. And most importantly, make them feel how amazing your life is when you are with them. Trust me, It’s more painful to lose someone knowing that you could have done better but you no longer have the chance to prove it.


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