You were my universe

You were my universe

You were my universe

LTME-postDear Jay,

You do not have to read this but if you want to here—

I just want to start by saying that I am not writing this to appear needy, jealous, or have any malevolent feelings. That is the last thing I want. This is me stating goodbye and thank you.
Jay I want to first thank you for all the memories you gave me in our time together and all the lessons I learned. You were my bestfriend and my universe at one point. I confided everything to you and you did to me.
I miss being on the phone on a school night for hours until it was dawn talking about life, our fears, and aspirations. But I know that we already had our time and it is over now.
Jay you were my happiness and you were the worst pain I ever endured in my life. We had so much against us but I still had hope and remained loyal to you even in the end. I saw you holding her hand and kissing her, I felt my whole being and soul die that very moment.
I questioned myself for months how I could have caused this. You made me feel flawed when you were the one who was inconsistent.
Thank you for breaking my heart though because you knocked down the insecure and powerless girl and paved way for the girl who is a force to be reckon with, a girl who is powerful, a girl who is assertive, the girl who finally see’s the beauty within herself.
Jay I hope who ever your with you value and love her the way you couldn’t with me. I hope your happy and living your best life
– Alizia


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