I will always hate you

I will always hate you

I will always hate you

LTME-postDear Queen Bee,

I fucking hate you. I look back at how that 7 year stretch hindered my personal growth. I was a loner I should’ve stayed that way. You had your goons threaten to sit on me if I didn’t date you. You didn’t know I was a heavy asthmatic who as a child would have attacks while laughing IE THIS WAS LIFE OR DEATH. I gave you loyalty, I rewired my outlook on life to mesh with you but you didn’t care,you didn’t understand what that even means. It’s like building a house and just as it was finished destroying it filling in the hole and starting over mean while the family is homeless, defenseless, starving and slowly dying off resorting to cannibalism. And at the end I didn’t even know what o had become. I descended into madness and you laughed at me…you partied and cheated on me when I was working overnights that I fucking hated….I HATE STAYING UP ALL NIGHT! IVE ALWAYS HATED STAYING UP! I worked myself sick…I collapsed many times. Fell asleep while driving damn near died twice for no one but you. You never truly gave a fuck. So here is this you worthless cunt. I hate you. I will never be what I was before you. You destroyed my confidence, I can’t even date now just remembering those years i pissed on with you. The only memory of you I cry over are the receipts. All the old men of my family died from liver and kidney failure…you drove me to alcohol. You are the reason I wish I was never born.

PS I hope you read this someday but I know even then you won’t care or understand.

Scorned and Not mourned “Hubby”


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