That’s it

That’s it

That’s it

Hey idiot. So I broke up with you during quarantine and I was fine, I got over you all good. When I saw you again, oh my, don’t take it to heart it’s not because of you. It’s the routine, it’s knowing somebody loves and cares about you, it’s the constant hugs and kisses but, you didn’t respect my boundaries. When I was feeling bad about my body, you’d get angry or turn it around and throw my feelings aside.

We are young, I thought I was going to marry you and I’m so glad I broke up with you, there are so many better than you. I can work on myself, learn ASL or how to skateboard or get my dream bod. Yes it sucks we aren’t friends right now but whatever, you’re a distraction. I. DON’T. NEED. YOU.

I cried so many times because of you, yes I was happy sometimes but the last 3 months I was miserable. I literally don’t even need you. I just want hugs, but I don’t need you to give them. We were learning, first proper relationship, we both made mistakes so don’t pretend like I was a terrible girlfriend or you would’ve ended it before I did. Broke up twice, got back twice, third times a charm.

You told me yourself, you’re over me, congratu-fkn-lations! Omgosh I’m like, so proud but I don’t care. You may think I miss you but honey, you’re not that great, you’re just one guy and I never needed you, it’s not personal but you’re just one fish, plus I had feelings for your best friend longer 🙂 
Bye Boo, don’t taunt me 🙂 xx


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