Wait until it hits you

Wait until it hits you

Wait until it hits you

LTME-postDear POS,

This has been THE hardest breakup I have ever been through. I honestly thought it was going to be you. I really thought that you were the one. Everything was perfect. We were perfect for each other. I know that, You know that. Everyone did. Yet still, that wasn’t enough for you. We ended things for the dumbest reason ever. Because I wouldn’t conform to the ver specific standards of our religion that you wished me to. You told me you didn’t think I could be that person that pushed you to stay faithful in following the teachings of the church. Well I’m here to say that I could have been. You COULD have compromised. We could have made it work. I have no doubt in that. And now, I’m gone. It may sound vengeful but I cannot wait for you to try and find what we had with someone else. I can’t wait for every girl you’re ever going to find to never be as good as I was. I can’t wait for the day you realize that what we had is something you’re never going to find with anyone else. And it’s going to hurt like fucking hell. And just like every single one of my other exes has tried to do, you’re gong to come crawling back begging for a second chance. I cannot wait for you to feel twice as worse as I’m feeling right now.


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