Leave me alone

Leave me alone

Leave me alone

LTME-postMy ex whom might I add cheated on me a countless amount of times, once he told me he needed a break only to move on with someone else. Well after three months he came back and promised to never cheat again, I took him back and I also promised him and myself If he cheated again I would leave and never come back, low and behold I caught him on Facebook messaging a woman, and at that moment I decided to end it. I immediately blocked him on all social media, and changed my phone number, he tried to reach me for a week then she drove in from another state to pick him up, he moved in with her in May of last year on July 11th last year I went to the ER, found out that I was 3.5 months pregnant and was suffering a miscarriage, she also had news of her own she was 4 weeks pregnant with his baby, I was crushed. He came back in September only to go back in 4 days. After that I made up my mind to Just move on. I kept finding ways to contact me, I’ve found a new man and he adores me. He’s everything a girl would want.

My ex just had his baby and I found out because he sent my sister a picture, and he kept hitting the wave button, to get her to respond but she wouldn’t. I don’t know why this guy just won’t leave me alone, he’s hurt me enough. So I decided to just cut his family off period although I love them dearly they are still his family. Was I wrong? And why do you think he’s always trying to find me and tell me he’s coming home. I’m so tired


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