Beware the man who…

Beware the man who…

Beware the man who…

LTME-post… claims every gf has cheated on him.
… claims to be a nice guy because no one will make that statement but him.
… lies to you, expects you to forgive but never fails to mention you’ve made that mistake yourself.
… tells you how stupid you are to look for relationship advice online or in a book
… threatens you
… breaks your heart
… makes you cry
… is capable of ending things with the most hateful & hurtful remarks, only to call & text the next day

Abuse isn’t always physical. Anything that leaves you feeling as if you’ve been beaten and left for dead is abuse. Relationships can end without a dramatic crazy scene.

Waiting to fall in love again, NEXT time with that man who ….
ruins my lipstick, not my mascara <3


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