A letter to thank you!

A letter to thank you!

A letter to thank you!


Yes, we were going through some rough phase of our togetherness, for you, I guess, it was terrible.

However, I was sure we would get through it. Then you ended it.

I was shattered. I did not see it coming, regardless of what you had done to me before.

The truth of any relationship is that no matter how wonderful, trustworthy, charming, and caring you really are, your partner still finds the way to leave you.

And yes, you found your way.

Still, I do not really understand why you left me. Every bit of me knows that this was never meant to happen, as I am man who is devoted to grow. I was sure that we could have worked out it together. The only thing was that you needed to stay.

But, I did not see it coming, and you chose to run away from my life, my world, leaving it in pieces.

I did not want this relationship to end, and when it ended, it left me completely shattered, heartlessly destined to never-ending restless hours of darkness, tormenting over what went wrong. Instead of floundering in the appalling vainness of it all, I have embraced this potent healing practice—I am discovering the gifts in your leaving.

I just want to thank you for leaving me. You made me remember that by staying with me, you did not make me more of a man, and by leaving me, you neither made me less of one. I realized that my self-worth does not come from you or any woman.

Thank you for being brave…whatever it appears to follow your heart or your mind or even my mind. Thank you for going so differently. You reminded me the uselessness of fear, as I know now more clearly, when you build your choices around fear, understanding disappears. I literally developed the worst fear—fear of losing you. Sadly, I avoided it by making demands and choices.

Thank you for teaching me that trusting a woman blindly can be termed as taking her for granted. I am sorry if I ever took the wonderful gifts of you for granted…the gifts of exquisiteness, happiness, playfulness, and everything else I found pleasant about being with you. Thank you for reminding me to never take for granted.

Thank you for overpowering me with your deep feelings. You revealed the precincts of my love and care for you. You proved that I cannot handle you; I still carry old wounds and so do you. You showed fear gets in the way of my loving. Thank you to make my views clear on kindness, softness, and sympathy within myself and to the outer world.

Thank you in the best interests of the future woman who will choose to have me—a man who is even more surrendered to love, a man with a wealthier heart. Thank you for expanding my dimensions to hold all of a woman in my love.

Thank you for leaving me, setting me free to go…be me. Thank you, I did not become what you wanted me to be rather than what I deeply desired to be. Thank you for not staying and insisting me to change to please you.

Thank you for ditching me and running away even without saying goodbye, as it would have been useless. Thank you for saving me from seeing your lying face. Thank you for stabbing around my heart so thoroughly. Thank you for unleashing this misery so terrible that I have too long been keeping inside my heart that surely one would have killed me. Thank you for freeing this dreadful poison from my body.

Thank you for drowning me the sea of agony and pain. I am sure it will help me to feel the pain of others with more sympathy and concern. I am sorry if I was not able to feel your pain with more compassion. I am so sorry.

Finally, thank you for giving me the feeling of being in love. Thank you for giving me my love story. Thank you for being so courageous and an extraordinary woman. Thank you for choosing and using me for your fun and thrills for those 4 years. Thank you for loving me, and letting me to love you.

I wish you well; hope you will get what you left me for. I keep you in my heart.

I love you.

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  1. Emmanuel Wangila 3 years ago

    wow, nice but how can I appreciate to my ex for leaving me

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