The note

The note

The note

LTME-postDear Lydia,

I remember coming back to the home I had helped renovate for us with my best friend to put in a washing machine. I had texted you earlier that day to see if you would visit my terminally Ill grandmother with me, but no response. I came home to a note that had quotes like “our relationship is over”, “I wish you the best of luck in the future”, “I haven’t been happy for a long time” etc… I looked at my best friend and cried. I have him a hug, and he said “what an asshole” which you are, you always said you were.

Here’s my response:
Happiness is deep down within you. I am not what is supposed to bring all the joy in your life. You could never be happy with me until you learned to love yourself.
For someone who said I was your only friend, that hurts to know you could let your best friend go like that.
I miss mandie our Yorkie. I hope every time you see her you think of me because I was the only man she ever trusted, and the man who saved her from a life of miserable care, and you didn’t even let me say goodbye.
The last time I saw you, you were laying on the couch. I covered you up in a blanket and gave you a kiss on the forehead because I love you. Even if we were fighting, I still cared for you.
You are one of the most selfish people I have ever met. Your morals are atrocious, you are materialistic, deceiving, cowardly, and hateful…. but I will always love you.
You got me through the roughest moments in my life, and I thank you.
I wish I could text you and tell you all of this, but your note said “don’t call or text me my mind is made up”.
I told you that if you did this I would never chase after you again, I would never fight for you again, and I would never accept you the same…. but there is a part of me somewhere that wishes I could speak to my best friend. I hope you are doing ok, and I hope one day you will come talk to me. I still accept you for the person you are, as the song I used to sing to you you are still “the most beautiful girl in the world”.

I will always love you, but I am not in love with you anymore. I hope the best for you and writing this note makes it real, but now I am done. After it all I accept what you did and appreciate that you did it. I would have never reached my full potential of becoming a veterinarian if not. One day you will realize what you have done, and that I am one of the best men you will ever find. I wish you the best of luck my friend, please give mandie a kiss for me.

I love you and wish you happiness,


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