Thank you for being my first love

Thank you for being my first love

Thank you for being my first love

I’ve been putting off writing this letter for so long because I know that this will be me closing our chapter, putting a dot to the last line of the book; knowing that this will be the last time that I can write to you and call you My Love. 

It’s past midnight. I thought of you again. I couldn’t sleep and like the other nights, missing you pains me. Tonight though- tonight the pain was unbearable and I feel like my heart is about to burst. I knew that I had to write down my feelings.

I was so close to calling you, maybe say good night and tell you that I’m having trouble sleeping. I know you’d respond right away, but I got to stop. I have to stop this madness. You’re not thinking about me anymore. You’re not happy with me anymore. You don’t love me anymore. 

I truly wanted to set you free that night, 2 years ago. When I saw that there was no joy and love in your eyes anymore when you looked at me. But I was too much of a coward to do so; too afraid of facing the next day knowing you’re not part of my life anymore. But this is not just about me, isn’t it? You deserve to be happy. And so do I. 

So, this it. It’s time. It’s time for me to let go and set you free. 

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for giving up. I’m sorry it took me this long to find the courage to face a new day without you. And thank you. Thank you so much for everything –  the good, the bad, and the in-betweens. 

I really hope that the next woman who will love you will be more whole than I was. I hope she doesn’t nag, is not emotionally dependent on you, and will love you no matter what happens. I hope she laughs at your jokes, likes the same music as you, and I hope she knows how to cook because you just can’t cook to save your life. I hope she brings out the best in you. I hope she won’t give up on you so easily. I hope she gives you peace, contentment, and the kind of happiness you only get when the love is true. We may not have been the happiest and most perfect couple out there, but I am really happy to have been your partner in life for the last 3 years. I don’t regret a single moment spent with you. 

I love you, My Darling Love. Always have and always will. I will continue to cheer on you wherever life takes you. It was a rollercoaster journey. You made me laugh, cry, and love. I wouldn’t have spent the last 3 years with anyone else but you. 

Goodbye, and I hope to see you in my next lifetime.

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  1. Alayya Burley 1 year ago

    Hi I don’t like you bitch girlfriend

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