Can we go back to the old times?

Can we go back to the old times?

Can we go back to the old times?

Dear Erin,
The day I met you I never imagined how our friendship would turn out. A few weeks later from the day we met I caught feelings and that’s when I realized I fell in love with you and wondered if you felt the same way. When you told me how you felt about me I felt so relieved and happy because we all know what it feels like being rejected and I was such a lucky person when we started dating. We did have ups and downs with our relationship but we got over it but now the present I feel like were still healing and trying to get over it but it’s so hard for me to get over you because I still have these feelings for you, I tried denying them, I tried everything but my heart denied everything and I gave up and followed it. You may not have feelings for me anymore because of what I did that day, But i’m so glad you’re in my life. Without you I wouldn’t be the person that you dated, loved, cared for, and supported. You made me smile every single day, you made me get excited when I saw you get on hotel hideaway. You made me laugh so much with you’re jokes. When you flirt with me I blush so much and because of that my feelings grow even more, this probably sounds obsessive but it’s not, it’s just love.

I love everything about you, you’re personality, you’re looks, you’re laugh, you’re voice, and you’re jokes. There’s so much about you that i love, I dont know why but you are so damn cute. You may say that you’re not good enough for me but you really are, you’re insecure about telling me the truth but nothing’s wrong  with that because its adorable. You mean everything to me, even though we did go through rough times it doesn’t mean we don’t have to quit on each other, basically what im saying is that I wanna be given a chance back into you’re life and treat you better and keep you safe from all the conflict that surrounds us, I don’t want to lose this chance to meet you in real life and be held in your arms everyday.

You are the reason I’m so happy and I’m sorry for everything and I hope you can understand and forgive me, we don’t have to talk to Jace about this and we sure enough don’t have to let people ruin our relationship if we did start over again. I would love to start over like we did the first day we met, we introduce ourselves, make new memories, make new jokes, grow from our mistakes and erase the past and write a new future for our friendship. This may sound werid but I’ve always thought that you might be my soulmate because my other relationships I never felt so much pain losing you and then can’t give up because of you’re personality, looks, laugh and voice, and just everything about you made me feel like you were meant to be my soulmate but you probably don’t think the same about me which is fine.

But that’s all I wanted to say to you Erin, and I love you very much and if we don’t get back together I’ll wish you the best of luck with you’re future and I’ll still be here by your side and support you when you are feeling down because I know how to treat a man with respect and kindness. You and the others make me so happy and I thank you for that. Have a good day and stay safe :3


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