I wish that i told you i loved you when i got the chance. I wish i could finally breathe in the dior savauge you spritz all over yourself before you leave your house to get on the 8 O’clock train into college. I wish, i just wish, that things didnt end when they did or id still get this. Id stil get the life we planned together for the both of us but most of all,  I wish i understood you more, but its your fault. 
Its your fault you had a barricade that you wouldnt let me through and  pushed me so far away i could only see the wall you had put up with a microscope. You drove me away. It wasnt me. It was you. It was your fault.
And it will continue to be your fault until the day i can finally look myself in the mirror and finally tell myself im over you and mean it. Im stil as heartbroken as ever and its because of you. 

But after all is said and done, i wish you the best shagging the girl i shouldn’t worry about.


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