Foot out the door

Foot out the door

Foot out the door

LTME postShe had one foot out the door, with the other she stood in the doorway looking back. She was looking for a reason to stay, hoping to find something that would pull her back. Deep down inside her, she wanted him to fight for her, but the fool just sat there and did nothing. She thought about all the hopes and dreams they had once shared. She thought about all the good times and smiled. Unfortunately, those memories just weren’t enough. She never thought that this day would come and started to wonder, what ever happened to forever? She stood and stood looking, but just couldn’t see it anymore. She’s tired of all the broken promises. She’s tired of waiting for him to change his ways. She held on as long as she could, for once she had to be the selfish one. The fool had taken her for granted far too long. She told herself that this was it, there’s no turning back now. She couldn’t say goodbye because the pain was too much to bear, it’s just not worth it anymore. She envisioned a life without him and reassured herself that everything is going to be alright. With a deep breath she finally took that last step. She left him without saying a word, her tears rushed down her face as she closed the door behind her for good.

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  1. Sara? 5 years ago

    This man may have been a fool in your blue eyes? Did you think he found it hard to keep his side of the agreement when you didn’t live up to yours? It’s sad that it’s come to this for all this fool wanted was to spend time with you which was important to him yet you denied him that for a long time. Can you not see how much this tore this fool apart for that is one of the foundations of any relationship? And no one is the fool for we were soul mates. I said many a wrong word & I admit part in this & I hope you realise how bad I feel. To always second guess & feel abandoned by the woman you love, making plans without him for so long…why do you think I changed & expressed constantly that you were hurting me more than you first realised. No I’m no FOOL I’m the man who still loves you who has had his heart trampled on by a woman who did what she has ever right to do as that is her free choice yet not consider his simple needs in a relationship. I miss you & want to be with you yet all I am is a fool in your blue eyes. Your right you are the one who walked away from love & it happened the day you ignored what any person desires. To actually be in their presence. Loving you from afar. XD

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