Deep down I know it’s not going to happen

Deep down I know it’s not going to happen

Deep down I know it’s not going to happen

LTME postB.Y.

I miss you. tons. I wish I can say it back everything I got your message. On the other hand, I know it is the right thing that I don’t say it.

I guess u will recover soon n forget about me. I wish we could hv the same goal and work tgt for the relationship, and be enjoying a normal relationship like every stable couple. But deep down in my heart I know it’s not gonna happen coz

1. You can never be as faithful and loyal as I wish, even when you think you can be at this moment. You regard yourself as young and so why not choose and play before marriage. But you know what, you will never find it satisfying, there’s nothing as “what if the next person is better?”, if you never learn to be satisfied, your hunger and wants will drive you crazy, and in the end, you may met your best other half, but you let it go and you can never get it back.

2. Even me myself don’t believe we cant love each other forever and one day we will be apart. Again, I do not feel that you will be happy to settle down, and eventually one day we will break up again, for the THIRD time, coz you cheat on me, I can’t take it anymore, So what’s the point of experience once more.

3. It was so hurt… Simply picturing what you have done to me, you possible feeling to that Emily and every other woman while I’m giving out my 100%…. It hurts…. Deeply. I can never take this pain away, and never be a fool again

4. Right now you are just feeling lonely and wish for some comfort, what you want might not be me, what drive you is your damage confidence and your guilt, there is nothing about your affection for me. Your promise, are not as valuable as it used to be. My trust to you was gone, and it will only drive me crazy even a little thing.

It’s funny sometimes I imagine you can be somewhere looking at me actually. Yet I hope it won’t happen Coz I don’t really know how to deal with it one day if I see you. I don’t feel like being friends, if that’s the lesson we both have to learn. Pain Will become less as time goes by, but remourse won’t. If you have change, even after this relationship, with or without me eventually, that’s a progress. If I change as well, with or without you eventually, together we become a better person. It’s a progress, and I’m satisfied.

Once again, I miss you, I miss the time we spent together, the way to see the world from your perspective, the world you brought me, the motivation you gave me, and the little moment when you gave me the first bite of every food, your hug, your kiss, the warmth and the feeling of holding your hands. It was a great time if taking out all the suspicion and argument.

Shanny bo


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