i still miss you baby

i still miss you baby

i still miss you baby

LTME postdear baby,
its almost a decade since we broke up but there’s still some nights where i find myself thinking about you.

“ours” belong in the past but a part of me wants to be trap in there forever.

i dont want you back, i just want to be with the one i have 9 yrs ago because i know back on those times, you still love me and i miss the feeling of being loved by you.

i dont have any regrets but i cant help thinking “what if” i let myself go crazy with you, will it be possible that we are still together right now?

i dont know if you are still mad at me for reasons i really dont know and i wish you could tell me because i cant imagine you hating me and forgetting that i was even a part of your life.

if there is one thing i wanna tell you, its…
“i miss you” and how i wish you miss me too.

i cant say i still love you but im certain that until now, your memories still haunts me.

i wanted to communicate to you but i dont wanna complicate things…

i wanted to have a little chat of what happened to your life 9 yrs back and i wanted to know what i miss and i wanna be surprise of what you have become….i hope its a change for the better.

i dont know why i still care…
i dont know why i still find myself searching you in google and sometimes check on you on facebook…
i dont know why sometimes i find myself daydreaming about you…
i dont know why i think about you whenever i turn on the radio…
i dont know why i still miss you…even if its been a long time ago.

if given a chance, i wanted to see you one last time. i just wanna confirm if i really did moved on or if i still love you. im curious to know if it still hurts if i come to see you face to face… or if there is still spark between us.

before i end my letter i wanted to say sorry for leaving and hurting you. im sorry for all the tears you have wasted on me. im so sorry for telling you “you’re not worth fighting for”. im sorry for choosing her over you. im sorry if im not mature enough and strong enough to hold on to you during those times.

baby im sorry for everything.

lastly, thank you.
thank you for the wonderful journey i had with you. thank you for the best memories i run into when my world falls apart. thank you for still making me smile without you knowing it. thank you for the fairytale we once have, it may not have a happy ending but it sure is the story i wanted to remember….😊

babykisses 😘😘😘

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  1. mare 4 years ago

    This Amazing To think 9years ago u chose a beautiful MKDaniel sad u married her sad u still missed and longed for M fats,I know u whom wrote this and its sad that MKD was never Regarded though I’d like to know if you Mr Big RLDaniel are still lost and confused after all u saw her in the same year u wrote This Letter to ur ex whom u lied about ever loving at all if only she knows how bad u made her look by MKDaniel no you so Selfish u hurt her and ur Wife for so many years ,though Lucky Her again and again never not ones got this Loveing Heart Felt letter never a meaningful Sorry still u blame ur wife for all ur wrong done unto her by ur sick lost feelings for ur baby
    Well sad ure still here 2017 Promoting Your wives Fame worry not have u not realized ur wife is running. Out of love for u guess not ,By The Way I Got The Sauce ,Thank u Fader I found this in email and Wow I don’t even feel sad at all but I see you L as A Dog that never Deserved me at all and one day u will find u stuck in ur Cross roads without me Karma is a bitch so Happy I got see this I curse the day I fall in love with u ,and u know soon I’ll reward u with the wrath of my broken heart oh u still Google and search though haha she a fat ass now sorry I ever came i

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