Always you

Always you

Always you

LTME postDear EJ
I know is been long since I last saw you, and still I think is not so long.
We parted due to so many things that went wrong, and I have to admit that I needed to see you and talk to you. The last time I saw you I was so sure we had a chance to get back together and be what we could have been. I been having flashbacks of our time together and I still think that after all this time we are made for each other.
I confess the moment you disappeared and left me with nothing to know about why or what was happening I almost lost it. And I know it was a choice you had to make if we wanted to be happy, still I was hanging on to faith that you would be back and you and me could be once again so in love.
I promise that if you ever did get back I was going to take the chance to try and make it back and that day was the one I would tell you all I wanted to tell you.

Then you finally did come back and I was so sick and I did not even have the voice to tell you how beautiful you looked, your ever hazel eyes shining at me, remembering the taste of your kisses and how I had my heart in a tight grip so he would not get back by your side. I was having this war in my mind if it was true enough to tell you all this thing and I guess my mind was in another place that I could not tell you how much you meant to me and I wish you could had given me another chance.

I know that people talk that you need to forget about your ex-boyfriend and whatever they say, still when you know that this person is your one true love, how can you let him/her go.
I had this speech stuck in my head for you. I am not going to beg you to take me back or cry over you like other people do. I wanted to get out of my system all those feelings I have bottled up in my mind and soul and let you know what you did to me to fall this hard for you.

I found this strange since is been so long that I still hang on to the memory of you and that I pray to God every night that we can have a second chance or third I forgot so that you can see all I need you to know. I know is not how love works and neither life. My friends say you and I belong together and I do believe them because I know we were so perfect for each other. You had taught me so many things and I know I did make a difference in your life and that maybe if we tried it one last time we could make it work and this time be forever or for as long as God think we can be living life.

I know is all a dream I have and I did wish this letter could get to you and after laughing and making all crazy things we could see that we need each other. I best friend told me that you are still single and she was debating if I could talk to you, I do not think so. I do not have the courage to tell you all this and I will still be dreaming of you and get you in the back of my mind in a faraway corner and convince that you will always be the love of my life and I was not yours.

I will always love you and only God knows what will ever happen to us.
Always you.


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