I did nothing wrong.

I did nothing wrong.

I did nothing wrong.

LTME postDear David
Wow 3 months on and I didn’t think this is how I would feel now. I want to thank you. Thank you for making me see what an amazing person I am. Thank you for letting me see how much love I have to give.

3 Months ago I thought my world had ended. You didn’t only destroy our relationship you destroyed me but it was only temporary. You faked our relationship, you faked our future and you broke my heart. You devalued me and removed all my self esteem. You discarded me like I was nothing and you made sure I knew there was another girl replacing me.

I cried, I cried a lot. My son cried too because he missed playing with you and your son. He missed having you around and he missed Mummy being happy. Because I was happy. The time we were together I thought you were amazing. I thought you were my soul mate. I would have spent every minute of every day with you. That is the life you sold me. On that amazing first date where I couldn’t keep my hands off you, where I felt like a magnet was pulling me towards you, that is what you sold me. You faked it for months and then the lies starting showing and the deceit started coming in. You doubted me all along but really I should have been doubting you. It was you that was messaging other girls, it was you that didn’t want the relationship even though you constantly told me it was me.

So you used the excuse that I was psycho. You told everyone i was psycho and for a while I believed I was psycho. But now 3 months on I see that all i did was love you. I loved you from the bottom of my heart. I gave myself away to you and i did everything i could to make you happy but it wasn’t good enough. Now I see that it is you who has lost. You lost someone who supported you, loved you and despite all your problems I was there for you. Despite you mistreating me, sponging off me and belittling me at every opportunity i still had my heart open for you.

That makes me a nice a person and you an arsehole! You haven’t broken me, i am back and my heart is still open for the right person. I will still trust and i will still love and now 3 months on i smile. 6 months on i expect ill start to forget and in a year you will be nothing but a distant memory, a small blight in a time of my life that will be so insignificant your name will most likely fade from my memory. I hope for your sake my name disappears for you also. How awful to know you lost something so good.

I see you are back online looking for your next victim because that is what we are victims and you will have many more. But each of us will rise up and find love, not with you, because your heart is black but with others and when our lives are done you will look back and you will have nothing.

I wish you peace, I don’t know how you will find it but i do wish it upon you.

BTW You were never my superman but you were my joker!



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