Would it matter?

Would it matter?

Would it matter?

LTME postWould it matter if I tell you how much I love you? How much I need you? How much I want you? How much I care for you?

Would it matter if you see me hurt? Destroyed? Broken? Devastated?

Would it matter if you hear my cry? Scream? Murmur? Sob?

Would it matter if I feel vulnerable? Bitter? Down? Pessimistic?

Would it matter to you that I am here still thinking about you everytime?

I don’t think so.

I always ask myself a lot of questions, questions that only you could answer. At the same time, I wonder if you’re going to give me the answers that I want to hear from you.

Make me understand what happened, why it happened and how it happened?

Because I feel like shit, I feel like I was taken for granted and I feel like I’m not worth your love.

I was there for you.
I was there when you were the simply unnoticed guy in school, I was there when all you had was yourself, I was there when your friends turned their backs on you, I was there when you had your shortcomings, I was there when the rain poured and we got soaked, I was there ready to sacrifice everything for you.

But here’s all I ask,

Were you able to appreciate those?

And now I wonder, would it matter to you seeing this?

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  1. Brianna G 5 years ago

    I almost cried reading this.

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