Just stop

Just stop

Just stop

LTME-postStop calling me and hanging up when I answer. I don’t care what you have to say to me anymore. Stop calling me.

It was you. It was all you. You decided we were done. You broke my heart. How do you go from “I can’t wait to marry you” to “I just don’t love you anymore” the next day? We’d just moved into a new apartment together. We’d spent the last three years together and I did everything I could for you. I was just a baby when I first met you. A teenager. You took advantage of that. I thought you were the love of my life and boy am I glad that you weren’t. We never had any money but I always gave you what I had. You were selfish, everything else was always above me, but I didn’t care because I loved you. I spent weeks crying and crying over you wondering if I would ever be okay without you. Until I didn’t anymore. I woke up one day and remembered all the times you had hurt me. And manipulated me. You used my insecurities and past traumatic events against me.

And I realised there were more times you had hurt me than made me happy. I remembered how selfish you were and how you made me feel about myself. I remembered all the nasty things you said out of anger that I could never forget as much as I wanted to. People would tell me things about you or show me social media posts you’d put up, and I realised it didn’t hurt anymore. I didn’t care what you were doing, or that you had a new girlfriend. And I was glad I never tried to contact you. Once you’d hurt me that one last time I decided I was done and I wasn’t going to allow myself to be hurt by you anymore. And it was the best thing I ever did. I met a wonderful man who treats me better than I’ve ever been treated and loves me more than you or anyone else before you ever has. I don’t think about you orthe way you emotionally manipulated me anymore. I think about how happy and in love I am. And how wonderful my current relationship is. Even before I met him, I was happy on my own. I was happy without you. I pulled myself out of the pit you put me into.

So just don’t. Don’t text me that you “will always love me whether we’re together or not”. Stop writing songs about me. Stop talking to people about me like you still know me. Understand that I have moved on and that I am happy. Understand that I do not want to be friends or ever have any contact again. Understand that I do not love you like I used to, and I never will again. There is no reason that we should ever talk. I have nothing to say and no interest in what you have to say to me.

Stop calling me.


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