Letter to my ex girlfriend’s future boyfriend

Letter to my ex girlfriend’s future boyfriend

Letter to my ex girlfriend’s future boyfriend

LTME-postTo your new man,

I know Lisa and I have both moved on but I want to share somethings with you that should know about her and things that you’ll need to never take advantage of. I’m start off by saying that there is no need compare you to me. She’s hands down one of the only girls in this world that is a all around knockout and she picked you so I know you’re something special. I’m guessing country star, male model, or maybe you’re a yoga instructor, or maybe even a former Iowa Hawkeyes star?! Basically you have something special about you that she sees in you. I won’t be lingering around so don’t worry about me interfering or affecting the two of your lives that you have begun to create.

I’m going start off with food. She doesn’t eat a whole lot so when you go out to eat she will always have left overs, don’t bug her about how much she eats. She absolutely loves sushi so remember to take her to happy hour often. Now make sure you pull back your sleeves and get messy with dishes to cook. Make time to eat and cook with her, it’ll be worth it even though she says she not a good cook.

She’s the type of girl who is too stubborn to give up, to give into anything, no matter the cost so don’t bother trying to talk her out of something. If she wants a puppy, she’s getting one.

When she falls for you, she is going to give you herself completely. She will make the necessary sacrifices to make you happy so make sure you’re ready to compromise and make the sacrifices you need to make so you hold your own. The thing I am most confident about is that if you love, nuture, cherish and protect her, she will give you everything you want in this world and more.

I know that sex with her is pretty good. Let me retract that statement, it’s AMAZING. She will grab a hold of you in a way where every partner before you will become an distant unknown memory. Another plus is she’s on the PILL so guess what?! You don’t have to wait to feel one of the most pleasurable things you’ll feel in your life. Sex is not her only desire when it comes to being physical, she also needs cuddling, forehead kisses, and holding hand/your arm. However, I think you get the point so let’s move on.

Then, there is her face. Her soft eyes, her perfect nose, and her dimples that slowly creep up when she smiles. Her smile will push you to keep her face clear from tears. If you’re ever lost, know that you’ll find your soul in her eyes. So tell her how beautiful she is each an everyday. She deserves it and I know I didn’t tell her enough.

She’s also huge on reality TV and murdering/detective shows so take the time to enjoy some of the things she loves because I know I didn’t do it enough.

She’s a college graduate from a top-tier University with a masters in Accounting. In addition, her knowledge continues with unlimited knowledge of Hawkeyes football and any NFL team. Therefore, the times you’re not laughing will be spent learning about what she does, what she knows, and the goals she’s set to accomplish. Make it a point to learn something completely new, because there was always something new to learn her!

Ask the right questions because there are so many doors that will open when you’re with her. However, make a point to open yourself up because she needs you to start open the door first. She isn’t the best at asking the right questions, so it might be weird to start bringing up random things. Trust me, you’re not bragging. Just figure out the right balance and speak from your heart.

You’ll soon see, if you haven’t already, how wonderful her family truly is. They’re supportive of one another, welcoming, kind and huge Hawkeyes fans. Be especially kind to her mother and her dad is a huge sports fan so make sure you know your stuff about golf, the Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes football.

Her family is her life and I was too late in making time to build a relationship with them.
So don’t make my mistake.

I want to continue by telling you that there is more to her than just her intelligence, looks, sexiness, family. She’s compassionate. She’s considerate. She’s selfless. I admired her for how selfless she truly is.

I’ve seen her grow for six years. I’ve seen her tears, her tribulations; her loses, her wins, and watched to see how far she’s gone throughout our time together. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and now you have a chance to be there as well. At no point do you have to take care of her, but do all you can to be there for her when she needs you.

She works best when the love of her life is by her side so treat her with respect, support her dreams, be there every moment she needs you, build amazing relationships with the people she loves, communicate, watch Hawkeyes football and you’ll have one amazing wife. Last thing is don’t wait 3, 4, 5, 6 years to propose, she’ll be ready when she gives her love to you.


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