This changes nothing

This changes nothing

This changes nothing

LTME-postIt’s pretty late and i haven’t really thought about you properly in a while but i don’t know. tonight is particularly hard for no real reason

i’m just thinking a lot how its been 6 months now and while i can’t remember the sound of your voice so well or what it was like to sleep next to you every night, it still feels like yesterday that you told me that you didn’t love me anymore.

it’s a complicated feeling i’m not so sure how to explain or what to do about but time heals all so i’m waiting it out. And i have healed a fair amount. I don’t think i love you anymore. I think i still love the idea of us but not you anymore, you hurt me too much for that. Don’t think i’m ever going to forgive you but that’s for the best.

i miss it a lot. it was the best time of my life so far, being with you. not entirely sure how to get back to being happy but i am trying my fucking best.

Anyway i think that’s all for tonight. I hope she’s all you hoped she would be and was worth the wait.


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