I miss you & I’m sorry Alex

I miss you & I’m sorry Alex

I miss you & I’m sorry Alex

You’ve blocked me on everything so I doubt you’ll see this either but even though I broke up with you I still love you so so much. I wish we had a do-over button and I’m just holding onto the fact we may meet again in the future.

We were both each other’s firsts and it makes me feel sick thinking of you with anyone else now. It’s been just over 4 months since we broke up and they say give it months before deciding on wanting someone back. I expected by now to be over you but I’m the opposite I crave your presence and protection. 

It hurt so bad when you blocked me but I get it I blocked you first but you were so cold to me, a side I’d never seen from you. God the stories I have now since we broke up, other men have no respect for women, I feel like an object. 

Sorry for texting you although I know they haven’t been read by you since I’m blocked. The first couple months I was so distracted so I’m sorry I didn’t text you more when you were texting me. It’s so unbelievably difficult now you aren’t texting me back. I thought you had completely given up on me but I saw you liked something of mine and then unliked it so I knew it was by accident but it made me feel a bit better knowing you still were watching out on how I’m doing. 

I still love you Alex. Maybe if you contact me when I go to uni we could meet each other again but until then stay safe, you’ll always have a place in my heart.


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